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A Freelancer is a user who undertakes site edits and also contributes to increasing the overall Wiki knowledge pool. Wiki has now removed all of the restrictions on editing the content, which allows you to write and edit content across the entire Wiki site.

You can make changes, both minor and major, to the content as an Anonymous or unregistered visitor. Although, if you sign up with a Free Account and login, any contribution whether it be an edit, a rewrite or a full technical HOWTO, will be recorded and directly attributable to you.

Anonymous - Anybody can edit any of the content on the Wiki site without an account!
However, several pranksters and spammers have been "messing up" the pages and making lots of bad changes to the wiki, In order to keep this Wiki under control, SEEED has decided to close the permission of editing pages without login. If you are the contributor, please create an account and log in before you start to edit. Thanks for your contributions! And thanks to the contributors who help SEEED fix the website.

There are four (4) categories for registered users:-

Basic - Obtain a brand new account by:

Contributor - Is a recognized member who may be eligible for free samples, coupons or other rewards by:

  • Improving existing pages
  • Creating new entries
  • Posting and discussing your own projects
  • Regularly visiting the Wiki site

Consultant - Member candidates who may be selected for paid consultancy tasks by:

  • Frequently contributing to the Wiki site
  • Adding outstanding content (Text/Images)
  • Accomplishing "Bounty" documentation tasks

Special title - Details to be advised.

How can you help? You can start by going to Login or Registration.


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